MethodsNET Partner Institutions

Here are our privileged partner institutions. They collaborate with us in diverse ways and/or bring some concrete support to us.

Partnership: support to MethodsNET via working time allocation of an administrative staff member + arrangements and logistics for student interns

Partnership: host and local organizer of the MethodsNET-run Summer School in Social Research Methods

Partnership: organizer, in collaboration with MethodsNET, of the Konstanz Methods Excellence Workshops

Partnership: host of the Fall Methods Workshops organized by MethodsNET

Partnership: organizer of the MethodsNET-endorsed École interdisciplinaire outils & méthodes (EIOM)

Partnership: organizer of the MethodsNET-endorsed 2022 webinar on Necessary Condition Analysis (NCA)

Do you want to join us as a partner institution? Just get in touch with us.

Updated, 16 February, 2022