Network members

The MethodsNET core consists of its broad and diverse community of founding members: the the team of Academic Coordinators and its support staff, the Advisory Board members and the other founding members. MethodsNET also collaborates with privileged partner institutions.

Network components:

The Academic Coordinators are the initiators of MethodsNET. They ensure the implementation of strategic decisions, coordinate daily operations and communicate on behalf of MethodsNET.

The Advisory Board gathers a diverse set of social science methods experts. They play a key role in advising MethodsNET on strategic matters.

The other founding members constitute a global and diverse set of social science methods experts. They collaborate, alongside the Academic Coordinators and the Advisory Board members, in advancing MethodsNET’s mission. Some of them are also more directly engaged in MethodsNET activities, e.g. as instructors.

Our privileged partner institutions collaborate with us in diverse ways and/or bring some concrete support to us.