We are organizing, jointly organizing or endorsing methods excellence training events.

MethodsNET events: what we offer

Excellence and innovation in methodology and pedagogy: training is provided by outstanding methods experts who are also excellent pedagogues, the pedagogical formula enables small-group interaction and individual advice/tutoring, and courses are systematically evaluated by participants. We encourage the development of emerging methods and the consolidation of more established methods. We believe that methodological innovation contributes to the further consolidation of social scientific disciplines and to their contribution to addressing real-world issues.

Access, inclusiveness, and non-profit logic: our events embody the principles of methodological pluralism, debates and innovation, via a broad course offer (including emerging methods and ‘niche’ topics) and diverse opportunities to engage in cross-methods debates and to learn/think about attached epistemological issues. We strive to provide access to participants from locations/institutions with less financial resources. The business model is aiming at breaking even after all the costs have been covered. Profit, if any, is re-invested in a way that contributes to meeting our principles via the next events.

Methodological pluralism and inclusiveness: each one of the diverse social scientific methods and techniques, along with its epistemology, has its own added value and contribution for scholarly work. We encourage and foster debates and cross-fertilizations between different methodologies across social scientific disciplines.

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Upcoming MethodsNET training events

Fall Methods Workshops hosted by Aarhus University, Denmark (Oct 17-21 & Nov 7-11, in-person)

PhD level week long, all-day workshops in interpretive research, process-tracing methods, qualitative comparative analysis, (Oct 17-21) ethnographic methods, qualitative interviewing and structural equation modeling (Nov 7-11) will be offered at this year’s Fall Methods Workshops, hosted by the Department of Political Science, Aarhus University and organised by the Methods Excellence Network (MethodsNET). The workshops are designed to bring the methodological aspects of your research project to the next level. More info here.

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Upcoming MethodsNET endorsed events (encouraging excellence, pluralism and not-for-profit)

Besides organizing or co-organizing its own events, MethodsNET is keen on encouraging excellence in methods training, by endorsing other events that meet three core criteria in line with our guiding principles: (1) providing excellence in training; (2) embracing methodological pluralism; and (3) following a not-for-profit logic and making training accessible at an affordable cost.

Ecole interdisciplinaire outils et méthodes, Aug 29-Sep 3, 2022

The 2nd edition of the EIOM, jointly organized by the École supérieure d’études internationales (ESEI) and the Chaire de leadership en enseignement des sciences sociales numériques (CLESSN), takes place at the Université Laval (Québec), 29 August – 3 September 2022. It aims at promoting empirical research methods in the Francophone academic sphere. This 1-week, French-language intensive program consists of three parallel training streams (mixed methods, data science, causal inference) complemented by some transversal workshops.

Konstanz Methods Excellence Workshops (KOMEX) – March 2-10, 2023 (in-person & online)

Running for a second time, the courses are designed to provide participants with excellent, inclusive, and affordable methods training and bring the methodological aspects of their research projects to the next level.

In-person courses (March 6-10): Comparative Case Study Design (Eva Thomann), Mathematics for Political Science (Jan Vogler), Applied Data Management for Social Scientists (Eda Keremoglu, Anna-Lena Hönig), Crowd-Sourced Text Analysis (Alex Horn, Martin Haselmayer)

Online courses (March 6-10): QCA (Ioana-Elena Oana, Carsten Q. Schneider), Introduction to Causal Process Tracing (Derek Beach), Introduction to Interpretive Research (Mathilde Cecchini), Survey Design (Levente Littvay)

Online Short Course (March 2-3 / TBC): A Basic Introduction to R for Beginners (Akos Mate)

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If you want your event to be endorsed by MethodsNET: please send a short event description and a bit of background documentation about these three criteria to:

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